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Agent Orange

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid  Sativa / 25% Indica


Agent Orange is a legendary strain that was originally created from crossing Orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper. This hybrid strain is a must try for connoisseurs, combining the smooth, rich flavor of Orange Velvet and the invigorating, cerebral buzz of Jack the Ripper. Orange Velvet is lauded for its citrusy and sweet undertones, while Jack the Ripper is acclaimed for its intense, uplifting effects and robust piney aroma. The combination of these two strains brings to life Agent Orange, a strain that offers a balanced, joyful high marked by a sharp, tangy aroma.

Upon unveiling a bag of Agent Orange, you will be immediately struck by its dominant, tangy aroma that teases a hint of fresh earthiness. The buds generally have a dense structure, cloaked in a glossy layer of resin, possessing a light to medium green hue interlaced with striking, fiery-orange pistils. The first puff of an Agent Orange joint introduces a flavorful, creamy smoke that provides a gentle caress to the throat.

The effects of Agent Orange are swift, potent, and balanced. It inspires a wave of happiness and vitality, making it the perfect choice for daytime usage. This strain is particularly ideal for those engaged in creative pursuits or physical activities, providing a clear-headed, focused high without inducing anxiety or restlessness.

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