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Alaskan Thunder Cheese

Hybrid - 55% Sativa / 45% Indica

Alaskan Thunder Cheese is a groundbreaking, ultra-rare strain that we've cultivated by merging the formidable genetics of Alaskan Thunder Fuck, UK Cheese, and Candy Runtz. This extraordinary trifecta of strains births a unique aroma that combines the crisp, piney notes of Alaskan Thunder Fuck, the deep, musky potency of UK Cheese, and the playful, sweet undertones of Candy Runtz. There's no wonder Alaskan Thunder Cheese is swiftly setting the standard as one of the most exceptional strains of 2023.

Each draw of Alaskan Thunder Cheese submerges your palate in a captivating experience. The flavor profile is distinguished by a masterful fusion of fresh, piney undertones linked to Alaskan Thunder Fuck, with the rich, earthy notes brought by UK Cheese. Candy Runtz adds in with a delicate, yet pronounced, sweet finish that perfectly harmonizes the overall flavor. The smoke is as smooth as a mountain stream, embracing your taste buds with a multitude of flavors that persist long after the exhale.

Whether you're a recreational or medicinal cannabis user, Alaskan Thunder Cheese is an experience not to be missed. It's an exceptional strain for those seeking a potent and transcendent high, coupled with a rich, complex, and captivating flavor profile.

Tested at 35% THC

🔥 Grown in our ultra high grade indoor Grow Facility in California! 🔥