Cereal Milk

Hybrid - 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Cereal Milk is an exquisite, evenly balanced hybrid, resulting from the crossbreeding of Snowman and Y-Life strains. Searching for a distinct flavor paired with a long-lasting high ideal for a relaxed weekend? Cereal Milk is your answer. Its flavor is rich and creamy, reminiscent of the sweet aftertaste of a cereal bowl, complemented by fruity and berry undertones. The scent mirrors its taste but is accentuated with a subtle herbal note.

The effects of Cereal Milk are as captivating as its taste. It induces a serene yet alert state that lasts for hours. Initially, you'll experience a euphoric surge that envelops your mind in pure joy and elevated tranquility. As this sensation peaks, you'll be imbued with a boost of creativity and sociability, sharpening your mental clarity and focus.

🔥 Grown in our ultra high grade indoor Grow Facility in California! 🔥