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Dutch Treat

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Indica Dominant Hybrid  Indica / 20% Sativa

Dutch Treat is a renowned premium strain from Amsterdam. This indica-dominant hybrid holds a special place as a legendary staple in Amsterdam's vibrant cannabis scene. Just as the city itself is a blend of history and innovation, Dutch Treat combines the best of both worlds in its effects and taste.

When you first open a container of Dutch Treat, you're met with a distinct sweet and earthy aroma. The buds are dense and coated in a glossy layer of resin, highlighted by a forest green hue interspersed with bright orange hairs. Lighting up Dutch Treat promises a smooth and flavorful experience, gentle on both the palate and throat.

The effects of Dutch Treat come on smoothly, offering a balanced blend of relaxation and mental clarity. It's suitable for evening use, allowing one to unwind without being overwhelmingly sedative. For those seeking a classic strain with deep roots in cannabis heritage, Dutch Treat is a must-try. Only available in the United States at Rare Harvest!


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