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Gelato Thunderfuck

Hybrid  Sativa / 50% Indica

Gelato Thunderfuck, is a dynamic new strain we created from the intriguing combination of Gelato and Alaskan Thunderfuck. With roots that trace back to the vibrant culture of Gelato's dessert-like qualities and the rugged, untamed spirit of Alaskan Thunderfuck, this strain offers an electrifying aromatic profile. Expect a complex bouquet of sweet berries mingled with earthy undertones, highlighted by a sharp, spicy finish that tickles the senses.

The flavor of Gelato Thunderfuck is a rich tapestry of creamy, fruity notes interlaced with hints of forest pine and a peppery kick, making each toke a deeply satisfying experience.

The effects of Gelato Thunderfuck are as exhilarating as its lineage suggests. Users typically experience an immediate rush of euphoria that catapults the mind into a state of heightened creativity and joy. This is seamlessly followed by a soothing body high that anchors you gently, allowing for a productive yet relaxed experience. Ideal for those looking to spice up their creativity or unwind with a potent twist, Gelato Thunderfuck embodies the best of both worlds: a cerebral spark and a comforting calm.

THC Content: 26%

🔥 Grown in our high grade GREENHOUSE Farm in California! 🔥