Jack's Panama Dream

Sativa Dominant Hybrid  Sativa / 40% Indica

 Rare Harvest Exclusive!

Jack's Panama Dream is an incredibly unique premium strain, we created by crossing the legendary old school strains Jack Herer and Panama Red with Blue Dream. This exceptional genetic blending births a captivating aroma that pairs the piney, spicy notes and powerful euphoria of Jack Herer with the delightful, earthy sweetness of Panama Red, and the sweet, berry undertones of Blue Dream.

Each inhale of Jack's Panama Dream presents the palate with an unparalleled experience. It tantalizes the senses with a complex blend of pine and spice, undercut by a mellow sweetness and accented by the berry nuances of Blue Dream. The smoke is as smooth as velvet and deeply resonant, engulfing the taste buds in a concerto of flavors that persist long after you've exhaled.

The high from Jack's Panama Dream is potent and immediate, igniting a wave of euphoria that swiftly mellows into a tranquil body calm. Regardless of whether you're a recreational or medical cannabis user, Jack's Panama Dream is an essential try for those in search of a distinctive and powerful smoking journey with a multifaceted and alluring flavor profile. Only available at Rare Harvest!


🔥 Grown in our GREENHOUSE Farm in California! 🔥