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Oaxacan Highland

Sativa 0% Sativa

Oaxacan Highland is a venerable strain that hails from the picturesque highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico, renowned for its rich history of cultivating unique cannabis varieties. This strain, a testament to its roots, carries an aroma that intertwines earthy pine with a delicate bouquet of tropical florals. Each draw offers a flavor reminiscent of a verdant forest after a fresh rain, accentuated by hints of sweet wildflowers and a touch of citrus zest.

The experience of Oaxacan Highland is as profound as its heritage. Users are often transported to a state of introspective calm, accompanied by a gentle wave of creativity and heightened sensory awareness. It's neither too sedative nor excessively stimulating, striking a harmonious balance that’s rare to find. As the effects progress, there's a palpable sense of connection to the world and those around you, making conversations more profound and nature walks more captivating. In essence, Oaxacan Highland delivers a journey through the essence of Oaxaca, celebrating its traditions and natural beauty with every exhale.

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