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Orange Banana Haze

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Hybrid - 55% Sativa / 45% Indica

Orange Banana Haze is a spectacular new ultra rare strain, we created from the innovative cross of the iconic strains Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry Banana, and Purple Haze. This brilliant genetic blend cultivates a tantalizing aroma that harmoniously marries the creamy citrus bouquet of Orange Creamsicle with the succulent sweetness of Strawberry Banana, all grounded by the classic and evocative undertones of Purple Haze.

Each drag of Orange Banana Haze is a luxurious encounter. The palate is greeted by the lush taste of ripe bananas combined with a citrusy burst of orange, elegantly underscored by the unmistakable, slightly spicy notes of Purple Haze. The smoke is rich and velvety, captivating the senses in a symphony of tastes that linger temptingly long after the moment has passed.

The high bestowed by Orange Banana Haze is both swift and profound, initiating a wave of cerebral uplift that gracefully gives way to a calm and soothing body relaxation. Whether savored for recreational or medicinal purposes, Orange Banana Haze stands out as an indispensable strain for those in pursuit of a distinctive, robust smoking journey, complemented by a complex and delightful flavor landscape.

Tested at 35% THC

🔥 Grown in our ultra high grade indoor Grow Facility in California! 🔥