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Sugar Cookie

Hybrid  Sativa / 50% Indica

Sugar Cookie is a new premium strain, an evenly balanced hybrid thought to be a blend of Crystal Gale, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star genetics. While there is a general agreement about this sweet genetic makeup, there remains some debate with a few voices suggesting other sugar-scented strains as its ancestors.

Upon opening a pack of Sugar Cookie, the scent of sweet vanilla and butter unfolds, mingling with a backdrop of earthy notes. It’s a rich, inviting aroma that promises the comforting warmth of home-baked cookies straight from the oven.

Those who have sampled Sugar Cookie report a soothing, contented high that eases the body and mind. It's a strain that offers relaxation and a slight energetic uplift, making it a versatile choice for those looking to soften the edges of the day without succumbing to couch-lock. Perfect for medical users seeking relief and recreational connoisseurs alike, Sugar Cookie is a true delicacy in the cannabis world.

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