Indica  Indica / 10% Sativa

Romulan, named after the formidable alien race from Star Trek, propels users into a galaxy of relaxation and deep introspection. Hailing from the vast terrains of British Columbia, this near-pure indica carries the legacy of its partial sativa lineage from the White Rhino hybrid. While its complete genetic lineage remains a tantalizing mystery, what's undeniable is the potent force Romulan brings, boasting a THC Content of 27%

Upon opening a container of Romulan, one is instantly drawn to its signature aroma: a delightful fusion of sweet earthiness, punctuated by notes of pine and citrus. The buds, rich in verdant hues and draped in sparkling trichomes, encapsulate the beauty and essence of this strain. Lighting up Romulan, the smoke is smooth and flavorful, taking you on a sensory journey through its unique terpene profile.

Diving into the effects of Romulan, users are transported to a state of profound relaxation. It blankets the body in a dreamy, floating sensation – the epitome of an indica experience. Ideal for late-night sessions or rainy days of introspection, Romulan is a prime choice for alleviating pain, anxiety, and depression. However, users are cautioned to dose responsibly, as its strength can lead to couch-lock or, if overindulged, potential dizziness and paranoia. In the constellation of cannabis strains, Romulan shines brightly, especially for those in search of therapeutic relief.


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