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Marshmallow Runtz

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Hybrid - 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

Marshmallow Runtz is a captivating new ultra-rare strain, masterfully crafted from the iconic trinity of Candy Runtz, Wedding Cake, and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). This majestic genetic collaboration fosters an alluring aroma, perfectly balancing the candy-like sweetness of Candy Runtz, the vanilla undertones of Wedding Cake, and the rich, earthy essence inherent to GSC.

Every puff of Marshmallow Runtz promises an unparalleled experience. It introduces the palate to a delightful dance of sugary confections reminiscent of marshmallows, harmoniously layered with vanilla hints and subtly rounded off by the deep, full-bodied flavors of classic cookies. The smoke is lush and creamy, tantalizing the senses in a melody of tastes that lingers temptingly long after the last exhale.

The high from Marshmallow Runtz is profound and multifaceted. It begins with an invigorating cerebral uplift, characteristic of its GSC heritage, before gradually unfolding into the serene body relaxation, a signature effect of Wedding Cake. This potent blend, accented by the balanced nature of Candy Runtz, ensures a harmonious blend of mental clarity and physical tranquility.

Touted as the bee's knees, this strain is an absolute must-try for any connoisseur. Whether chosen for recreational or medicinal use, Marshmallow Runtz stands as a testament to the wonders of genetic synergy, offering cannabis enthusiasts a sumptuous smoking journey with a flavor profile that is nothing short of exquisite. This is a rare harvest exclusive.

Tested at 33% THC

🔥 Grown in our ultra high grade indoor Grow Facility in California! 🔥